This year, LG took the field with end caps, ready to give battle to Galaxy S7 of Samsung , choosing the same day to announce the LG G5 , unlike previous years where preferred to postpone the release of its flagship smartphone a couple months to have some air and avoid his great opponent.
Now, LG has no choice but to write down all their guns against Samsung, and it published an infographic that compares side by side on both smartphones, but leaving some doubts along the way. Probably the fact that it is modular is the strongest point of the G5, but it is questionable whether LG highlight your smartphone has a camera of 16 MP 12 MP against the Galaxy S7, knowing that the latter has an opening f / 1.7 and Dual Pixel technology that dramatically improves image quality.

The same applies to the screen when compared to 5.1 for the 5.3-inch G5 - Samsung could put the winner at Galaxy S7 edge just to have 5.5 inches at this point, and Huawei one of its 7-inch phablets and proclaim himself king, but we know it does not work. The density of pixels in the Galaxy S7 is higher than the G5 LG and the trend to virtual reality, greater pixel density is better, and 0.2 inches will not make a difference to the normal user.
Still, the G5 LG is not a smartphone to be taken lightly, and probably in a position to compete with the Galaxy S7. Only LG should not underestimate the users - and much less than those of Latin America .

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